Who We Are

HTBC PAC members are a diverse group of individuals from Huntington and surrounding communities. They believe in the need for active participation in the political process to assure that the voice of ​Huntington employers  & citizens concerned about the business environment and local economy is heard at the ballot box.

Individuals or businesses concerned about promoting a positive pro-business economic environment in Huntington, Suffolk County & New York State are encouraged to contribute to HTBC PAC.  Chamber/BID related business organization membership is not a prerequisite for HTBC PAC contributions.

HTBC PAC goals are to improve Huntington, Suffolk County & NYS Governments. The stakes are too high for the business community to take a passive role in campaigns and elections. Job providers cannot afford to let the labor unions and trial lawyers elect anti-business candidates to office. Elections on Long Island are expensive and multi-faceted. Pro-business candidates need an ally to defend themselves against attacks by groups whose policies run counter to a healthy pro-growth economy. HTBC  PAC is committed to improving  government by electing leaders to Town, County and State offices that understand the need to improve our economy and free the entrepreneurial spirit.

Political Education

In addition to campaign funds, advertising and advertorial support, HTBC PAC provides pro-business candidates with grassroots support for their election efforts. Working with local chambers of commerce, community stakeholders and businesses across Long Island, HTBC PAC helps educate voters about the positions that local and statewide candidates take on issues affecting our economy and our communities. HTBC PAC members are kept up to date on the opportunities to support pro-business candidates in their area. HTBC PAC members are provided with voting records, candidate questionnaire’s, and other information to help them and their employees cast educated votes in elections.


Since 2009, the Huntington Township Business Council (HTBC) has worked to align the community and community stakeholders in supporting local business and the Township of Huntington. Our "next step" goal is to provide direct advocacy and monetary support  to candidates, committees and initiatives.  As a non-partisan political action committee (PAC), our mission is to promote and strive for the improvement of state & local government; encourage individuals to take an active role in the political process; and assist individuals in organizing themselves for more effective political action. HTBC PAC is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the New York State Board of Elections.

HTBC PAC does not contribute to federal campaigns.

HTBC PAC is funded through donations by local businesses and private citizens. In addition to bringing significant financial resources to bear in key races, HTBC PAC mobilizes the business community to action in other ways, including advocacy, get-out-the-vote, grassroots, earned media activities and paid advertising in support or opposed to initiatives & candidates not aligned to HTBC PAC and community goals.