The purpose of the HTBC PAC is to foster, encourage and support good government which will enhance the economic well-being and the quality of life of the residents of the Town of Huntington, Long Island, and the State of New York.

The purposes for which the Committee is formed are as follows:

To study and research public issues in order to reach positions thereon consistent with the Committee’s objectives;

To interview incumbent officials and candidates who are seeking election or re-election to public office at the town, county, or state level, in order to determine their political philosophy, and specifically their positions on such issues;

To solicit funds, in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, from individuals and business organizations;

To financially support state and local public officials, and candidates for state and local elective office, whose positions are compatible and consistent with the objectives of the Committee (listed below). Candidate support may be in primary, general, or special elections;

To endorse and support financially any issues which appears on a ballot and which inures to the benefit of the State of New York and Long Island;

To conduct its affairs in a manner which will represent the highest code of ethics, intelligence, and integrity;

To seek the counsel of any organization or agency which may provide meaningful input;

To prepare, maintain, and file all financial records and reports required by law.

HBTC Issues:

HTBC PAC is committed to an expedited remedy for the continued Huntington Village parking challenges whether it be a parking structure, expanded surface parking or measured technology alternative. (ONGOING!)

The HTBC PAC is committed to create a vibrant waterfront that serves as a destination for community cultural activity and tourism achieved through economic development and historic preservation (ONGOING!)

HTBC PAC is committed to demanding all levels of government reduce and eliminate usurious/redundant Fees . (ONGOING!)

HTBC PAC is committed to supporting Town, County and State officials in encouraging businesses (across the Island and neighboring jurisdictions) to re-locate to Long Island’s Economic Engine – The Melville Corridor. (ONGOING!)

HTBC PAC is committed to partnering with Town, County & State officials in support of "True" Downtown Revitalization to include Huntington Station, East Northport & the Jericho Corridor (Commack to Woodbury). (ONGOING!)

HTBC PAC  is committed to balancing economic growth and pro-business initiatives with sustainability and a high regard for the environment. (ONGOING)

HTBC PAC is committed to working with local stakeholders to encourage our communities to “Buy Local”. (ONGOING!)

HTBC PAC is committed to supporting first responders and working to insure they are always appropriately funded. (ONGOING!)

HTBC PAC is committed to always supporting our Veterans and encouraging businesses to “Hire a Vet”. (ONGOING!)

HTBC PAC is committed to initiating Town of Huntington term limits to create opportunity for new ideas in government. (COMPLETED!)

HTBC is committed to being THE credible vehicle and voice in the community with the mission of holding our elected officials, candidates, and political organizations accountable in support of the goals and tenets listed above .

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